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UV Photomagic System



UV Photomagic is a new technology for making brilliant and expensive looking gifts & momentos. The UV Photomagic machine is a specially designed light box equipped with a series of UV and non-UV light tubes. The process uses the unique properties of UV Photomagic Glue to paste two pieces of crystal with a print in between. Photo crystals can be made using any picture you take or any digital image you can dream up. The end-result is a perfect picture on a solid beautiful crystal momento.

Photo Crystal Exposure Unit: This is a special purpose unit custom made for photo crystal process that comes with inbuilt UV tubes

Film: This is a special film that comes in A4 size and is used for taking prints from an Epson R230 printer

Epson R230 Printer: Printer that is compatible with the bulk ink system and photo crystal ink

Bulk Ink System: External Ink Cartridge is connected to your Epson R-230 printer so that photo crystal ink may be fed to the printer.

Photo Crystal Ink: This is a special purpose ink that comes in 6 colors and packs of 100ml each

UV Glue: Transparent Glue that hardens once exposed to UV light or Sun light, which comes in 100 ml bottles

Photo Crystal Blanks: We have various designs to choose from which can be referred from our catalogue (Custom BLK Crystal)



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