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Crystal Soil

Crystal Soil is a water absorbent polymer, which is able to absorb and hold 100-200 times its volume of water for a long time. Crystal soil acts as a reservoir to store and release a steady stream of water and nutrients which plants need to grow and flower cuttings need to remain fresh for longer. Crystal soil bead that contains tiny holes (cannot be seen by bare eyes) that hold air and and water droplets. Plant roots are then able to absorb water from the crystal bead. Growing plants will be hassle-free when you don't have to keeping soiling the plant pots. Our crystal soil can be dewaterized for compact shipment and storage. You can simply add water to activate the little beads to turn them into crystal soil. They are odor free and insect free, which makes it ideal for indoor home/office desktop plants etc.


  • Beautiful & Fashionable, almost jewel like for decor
  • Odor Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Hassle free and a great replacement to dirt & soil for certain plants and flowers
  • Biodegratable & Environmental Safe
  • No poisonous ingredients, No pollution , & No fading

Other Features:

  • Can be custom to other colors...
Crystal Soil
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